Each and every surface created is bespoke and unique.

These Microcement Worktops were created for a clients bespoke kitchen in conjunction with Eastburn Country Furniture.

Usually these worktops would be coated in situ but due to client constraints the worktop had to be templated and then made off site. The transportation back to site was the worrying part as the larger length being over 5m in length.

But due to some great teamwork, support and microcements inherent strength and flexibility,delivery and fitting went well.

With microcement a seemless finish can attained over any surface . 

Microcement comes in a variety of colours and is a waterproof, durable and heat resistant material and has many uses on walls, floors, worktops and furniture.

Its used in a variety areas in both domestic and commercial sectors.

Domestic bathroom plus kitchens and high traffic commercial shops,bar and restaurants are its main uses.

Though it would be as much at home on exterior floors and furniture as well, especially in the industrial concrete colour as used below.